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Windows vs Mac OS – Make Sure You Make the Right Choice

While there are many brands of computers, there are only two major operating systems for average users -Windows and Mac OS. Linux is also out there, but that is usually only chosen by people with advanced computer skills or businesses who don’t need a lot of computer repair Fairfield. When you have to buy your next computer you will be well served to look closely at what both Mac and Windows can offer you and we are going to be checking out some of the respective advantages offered by both in this article.

Compatibility issues are one of the top reasons that people usually choose Windows instead of Mac operating systems. Windows is used a lot more often and that means that more software applications are made to be compatible with it.

Even if there’s a Mac version, it may work differently and may not always be compatible. Yet with today’s Macintosh computers, you can easily run Windows using Bootcamp. This means that it’s possible to run the Windows OS on any recently built Mac computer. The reverse is not the case, and probably never will be. In the past, if you wanted to run Windows on a Mac, you had to rely on slow and unreliable programs like Virtual PC, but that’s no longer the case. Now it’s pretty easy to use your Mac to run programs, games and read files that are made just for Windows.

All of the operating systems that came before Windows 7, were much inferior, according to most users of Windows. With the coming of Windows 7, Windows is gaining ground on Mac computers with much better security and less likely to crash. There have been many complaints about crashes and glitches, by people using earlier versions of Windows, even XP and Vista. Microsoft has recently released Windows 7, and it is their operating system that seems to be the most reliable. When Windows 8 comes out, it will be interesting to find out how good it will be.

What is important about a computer is taking care of your needs, but it is a good idea to get a computer that looks good to you. However, many people prefer the look of a Mac over most PCs. Apple has always put a lot of effort into designing products that are attractive and ergonomic as well as high functioning. If you were wondering why most other brands were less expensive than Apple products, this could be the reason.

Today, many Windows-based computers are also nicely designed, so you can shop around and see what appeals to you. The looks are something to think about, but the most important factor of a computer isn’t the design. One of the first things you need to decide on before starting your search for a computer is whether to get a Mac or windows OS.

After comparing the Mac and PC for price, versatility, interface and appearance, you should know what type of computer you want. We’ve looked at some of the pros and cons of both operating systems, but only you can decide which is right for you.